1. Dear Blog

    Dear Blog

    Just a short note to say that I haven’t forgotten about you. How could I?! You and I have become close in the past few months and I am truly sorry my posting skills have been so hodge podge of late.

    Don't fret! I didn't forget!

    Don’t fret! I didn’t forget!

    In fact, I have 3 (yes – three!) draft posts in the wings who are dying to meet their photographic attachments.

    You will be proud of me – I have been creating!…

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  2. #8 Patterned Pencilcase

    Thing #8: Patterned Pencilcase
    Need a super fab DIY alternative to ugly commercial stationery solutions? Look no further!

    I found this groovy black and white patterned fabric a while back **NB: See it here http://project52things.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/5/

    Although my sewing machine is no longer that zippy when sewing zips (pun intended), we struggled through and produced this lovely,…

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  3. #7 Casually Cute Canvas Tote

    #7 Casually Cute Canvas Tote

    You know the feeling when you need a bag that has to fit everything you need but it never seems to exist when you need it?! Well, I do. And in my quest to be proactive I decided that if they don’t make a bag that fits my textbooks, notebooks, stationery, makeup, purse and mobile phone all-in-one then I was just going to have to make one myself. So I did!

    Potatoes in action!

    Potatoes in action!

    Canvas is cheap, as…

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  5. "Those who love Tolkien are almost always good people, honest people. some are Hobbit-like and some are Elvish, but none are Orcish."

    Peter Kreeft,

    from his book 'The philosophy of Tolkien'

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  6. "He wants them to learn to walk and must therefore take away His hand; and if only the will to walk is really there He is pleased even with their stumbles."
    — C. S. Lewis
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  9. "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly."
    — G. K. Chesterton (via spreadtheword-john114)

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    2 Minute Chocolate Mug Microwave Cake



  11. "Nobody supposes that the best critic of music is the man who talks coldly about music. But there is an idea that a man is a correct judge of religion because he looks down on religions."
    —  G.K. Chesterton (via cdvl)

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  12. littlethingsaboutgod:

    Let everything we choose to do bring us closer to God. Nothing stays, either we get closer or we choose to get further away.

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    Seriously. Just getting out of bed is a huge accomplishment. Good job!

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    God is good all the time.

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